LEAD Academy

For Dog Professionals

The LEAD Academy is an online mentorship program that will take your dog psychology business to the next level. Or get you started on the right path to a business you can be proud of.

Gone are the days of:

  • Wondering how to get more clients.
  • How to keep clients engaged and following through.
  • Being constantly stressed with the time consuming process of back end of the business with paperwork and emails, marketing and payroll.
  • Struggling to find and keep good employees.
  • Wondering if you’re good enough and comparing yourself to others on social media.
  • Not knowing how to assess a dog in seconds.
  • Breaking up dog fights or getting bit because you don’t know how to prevent it.
  • Spending thousands on weekend workshops when what you really want a seasoned mentor to give you personal coaching as you grow.
  • Being burned out working 24/7 for months on end.
  • Doing it alone with no one who understands your specific industry.

Get 24/7 access to years of knowledge and experience

This is a premiere program I created after working around the country with several dog walkers and trainers fine tuning their skill, mindset and business problems. I’ve also talked to so many new walkers and trainers virtually and helped them overcome their struggles. After 2 years of research and work with up and coming walkers and trainers combined with my own experience with 15 years of working with dogs and starting, growing and selling my own successful dog psychology business of 13 years, I’ve built an amazing, all inclusive program to help more dog professionals on a larger scale to teach them everything I know.

Program Testimonials

See what just some our previous hands on students are saying!

I am a trainer and run a private daycare for up to 10 dogs a day AND I also have a new puppy of my own that is now part of the pack; I hired Jojo to come work with me for a day and it was so helpful having her there by my side. She brought a welcomed fresh perspective to the structure of my day with the dogs and was able to see behaviors that were blind spots to me. She empowered me to have a smoother pack walk and also gave me tips and tools to be a more effective leader for my crew. She gave me a plan for training my puppy with the pack so he can become the sidekick I dream he will be.

I’ve definitely seen improvement in my business since we’ve worked together. I have a pretty steady stream of training clients on the weekends now, and I confidently show up for them in part because of the lessons and guidance I got and continue to get from you!

I’d say I’m making (as least) a $1000 to $1500 more a month. So like a 20% income increase from last year to this year. Major.

Training with Jojo of Jo and Jaxx continues to influence and improve the relationships we have with our DogOn Fitness Pack.  I was fortunate to participate in 3 training sessions with Jojo receiving guidance and learning new techniques to help the canines that I work with and their humans.  Jojo is an outstanding teacher.  She coaches with great patience to ensure we follow through with every step in a mindful way that projects us as the pack leader to the canines we are presently advocating and caring for. Grateful for Jojo’s expertise in dog psychology; canine training and appreciate understanding how my interactions affect the dogs. Jojo taught me how making a few shifts in my actions creates more trust and respect with the pack. Observing Jojo working with the human clients had a profound effect too.  As I continue to share what I learned from Jojo I observe the human clients finding successes when they dedicate the time necessary to meet the needs of their dog. Many of the clients who could not be present for a training session are benefiting through the training received from Jojo and we look forward to Jo and Jaxx’s return to the DMV so they can work with her to take their relationship with their dog to the next level.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jojo several times over the past few years. She explains things in relatable ways and uses a bit of humor to help highlight some of the differences between human psychology and dog psychology. Recently Jojo helped me with my two Pomeranians as I’ve been struggling with their level of excitement since adopting them a few years ago. I don’t reward their excitement, I don’t give them attention nor affection when they’re excited, and I also tried disagreeing with their excitement, but noting was working. I live in a condo complex and when they’re excited, they want to bark at everything they hear, so having them calm is important, especially for my neighbors.

As I was applying spatial pressure and giving a sound correction to disagree with my dog’s excitement, Jojo noticed I was giving my dogs eye contact, which was actually stimulating them.

I know there are times that we shouldn’t give a dog eye contact, but I hadn’t yet learned that I shouldn’t look my own dogs in the eyes as I disagreed with their behavior. Once I started looking in their direction (at their paw or chest), but not giving any direct eye contact, they calmed down. Game changer!

I want you to have the results

I want you to have the results you know can happen when dogs and owners come together to create a balanced pack of engaged, calm and confident members of your community. We are on a mission guys! You know our world needs this!

Oh, and I want you to be able to pay your bills, go on vacation, stay debt free, get that property or facility, have money to retire and keep your energy on point. Having a roadmap to an efficient and profitable business model is what will get you there. Let’s do this!

Here’s what you get in the 6 month program:

  • Live Dog behavior video breakdowns
  • Live Business strategy sessions
  • 1:1 coaching calls with me
  • A 24/7 online community resource with me and other students
  • Online step by step course content from business to behavior with hours of video lessons accessible for life

By the end of this 6 months, you’ll have your business on track with happy clients singing your praises and enjoying life with their dogs. You’ll have all your structure in place, making money and serving your community with all the passion you started with. And, if you want more coaching, you can sign on to a month to month subscription to continue your education inside our program.

So what are you waiting for? Hit that button below to get started or grow your dream dog business right fuckin now! We’ve got lives to change!