Meet Jo

Jo has been working with dogs in Long Beach since 2009. She founded the popular walking service, Trots Dogs, and grew it to one of the largest and most successful dog businesses in LB. What started as a business specializing in high energy dogs, Jo could be seen roller skating dogs all over town and then walking large packs of dogs through the streets of the LBC.

In 2013, Jo attended Training Cesar’s Way classes and a workshop. It was a pivotal moment in her life and career as she was invited to return as a volunteer and soon became an instrumental part of the Cesar’s Way pack. Currently she is an official Cesar’s Way Trainer for his workshops, tours with Cesar, managing the dogs for his live shows and is a behavior consultant and dog handler on Cesar’s TV show, Better Human Better Dog on NatGeo. After starting her business inspired by The Dog Whisperer, it’s a dream come true to be working with the man who brought her to help all these amazing dogs.

So, after learning from several well known trainers around the country, Jo became the go-to trainer for serious behavior problems people and rescues were having with their canines. In 2021, Jo sold Trots to her amazing staff and they are still operating with great success today.

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Coaching online
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Jo has a new mission. After taking time to travel the country in an RV with her dogs, working with pup owners and professionals all over the US, teaching dog psychology and good dog business, Jo has returned home to Long Beach with renewed motivation to build on the healthy dog community she started years ago as well as coach other dog professionals the art of canine communication.

Through understanding dogs’ state of mind, body language and psychology, Jo achieves fast results and coaches people to tune in to their pets and take a leadership role to confidently guide them through challenges. She also gives actionable advice to help them restructure their relationship for a lifestyle best suited to owner and dog. Fair, firm and fun.