A well behaved
dog is in your Future!

From teaching your new puppy to rehabilitating unwanted or dangerous behaviors, Jo can teach you to understand your dog’s needs, feelings and language. 

Real Results

Tap into your inner power through practical application of skills to become a calm, fair and confident leader for your dog.

Have a relationship with your dog built on trust, respect, clear communication and, of course, love and affection

Take your dog anywhere or have guests over with your calm and content dog

Get help from anywhere in the world whether you’re a dog owner, dog walker or dog trainer!

Coaching online
or in person

If you’re a dog professional

(or dream to be one), check out Jo’s LEAD Academy. A 6 month mentorship program to coach you through building a successful and profitable balanced dog behavior community. Build the business of your dreams!

Dog owners!

Jo can get you and your dog on the same page with her extensive knowledge of dog psychology, mindset, body language and training tools for an effective program that works so you can relax and enjoy the companion you’ve always wanted. And Jaxx may come along to help!

Book a session to get a well behaved, confident dog who follows your lead and enjoy the good life with your buddy!


  • Pulling on the leash
  • Jumping on you and your guests
  • Resource guarding
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Mouthiness
  • Hyper excitement
  • Barking and growling
  • Reactivity to everything outside
  • Fearful and skittish
  • Separation anxiety


5 years ago we brought our recently rescued Border Collie Zoey to Jojo. Zoey needed some manners, discipline and boundaries. Jojo was amazing and put Zoey on the right track.

We started working with Jojo after being in training for years. It was at the point where we felt like we had exhausted all options. However, after just a couple sessions with Jojo we started to see improvements. Part of what really helped is that she explained why our dog does what he does, and that level of understanding changed how we approached things mentally and physically.

JoJo really saved us! We had a strong , adolescent dog with high energy, and was starting to bite out of excitement. We tried a couple of different trainers that did not help our issues. One training session taught us so much about not just correcting the behavior, but understanding the why and reasons behind it. Forever grateful for your help JoJo!

I have used Jo Jo for training for 3 different dogs. She was each one of the dogs favorite person. She has really good east to implement solutions for tracing you and your pet. She is patient and kind and has a wonderful sense of humor. Worth every penny and then some !

Jo has been a fantastic help in guiding us through behavioral issues with our two dogs. When new issues arose with one of our dogs, she was able to help us navigate the behaviors and explore new and alternative ways to work through them. Jo has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you and your dog!